Clever Ways To Earn Extra Money

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How do you feel when your income is not enough to cover your expenses? Angry, Sad, Hopeless, Worried? We all know what that feels like.

With the prices of everything seemingly on the rise, money never seems to be enough now. This implies that individuals are having to become ever more creative in the ways we look to earn that little extra.

The team at Kiakia know this, and brings you three amazing insights on how to earn extra money:

If you cannot curtail your spending, then no matter how much you make it can never be enough for you. Many times it is more the way we spend, rather than how much we earn that determines if we have that little extra. Shopping without a budget/list, impulse buying, as well as luxury spending, may seem like little things but if you ever want your money to be enough, maintaining a safe distance from these habits may be the way to go.

And don’t forget that buying in bulk is cheaper and can help you save and spend less on your expenses.

Upgrading your skills is another important step in your road to earning extra money. By upgrading your skills you stand better chances to earn a promotion on your current source of income, or get better opportunities from a new source of income. There are various platforms online and offline that allows you to get cost-effective chances to upgrade your skills as well as learn new skills. As you begin to get better and master these skills you can start exploring new ways to differentiate and make money with the skills you now have.

Be aware that mastering a new learn or improving on an existing one is only possible through consistent practice so always ensure that you find ways to practice the skills you’ve learned.

Starting a new hustle happens to be one of the first ways most Nigerians would advise you to earn more and thankfully there are hundreds of side hustles to choose from. Many of them can be tailored to suit your personality, skill set, current work environment and market area. Also, with digital eruption, getting and serving customers has become so easy that you do not have to leave your work desk, or acquire a shop/stall to sell your products and services.

As your side hustle kicks off and grows, make sure to be careful with advancing credit sales to customers. And always have in mind that Mr.K is available to assist you with a quick loan to support your side hustle. Visit to get started.  

BONUS TIP: Remember to save a portion of your income to invest, as investment helps you earn with less direct effort as your money works for you.

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