5 Tips to Starting Your Week Right as a business owner

Mondays can bring contrasting feelings. On one side is the joy of starting anew. On the flip side, is the challenge of motivating yourself to get to work after what seems like a short weekend. The reality is that each second is valuable to your business, and you can’t afford to waste time shitting on a new week.

As you begin the week, here are five proven tips to get your business off to a perfect start:

Reflect on the previous week

Yeah, it’s good to move on from the past. But moving on also means taking valuable lessons along with you. Take stock of the activities you couldn’t complete the previous week. If there are pending meetings or plans, be sure to include them in the new week’s plan. Don’t forget to also reflect on what went well and what didn’t. It would be great if you can evaluate the underlying cause of what didn’t go well.

Clear your mind

It’s a fresh start, and you would need to bring your A-game to the fore. Make sure you do a mind sweep before beginning the week’s work. Your focus should primarily be on furthering your business goals. Every other commitment can wait till the next weekend.

Set objectives for the week

You need to define the specific goals your business intends to achieve for the new week. These goals will serve as a guiding light for your plans and activities. The purposes do not have to be something different from the previous weeks. They can be as simple as resuming to work earlier, improving the rapport between your workers and checking up on your long-term customers. However, be sure not to overcommit yourself by setting unrealistic goals.

Create a plan

You sure will have plenty of tasks to accomplish in the new week, from meetings to presentations to supervision. Creating your plan means knowing what you need to get done ahead and when you’re going to get them done. Planning your schedule helps keep you organize and productive. It also gives a clear picture of how you’re going to fit all of your tasks into your week, without being excessively stressed. Tools like Microsoft Excel and a jotting note can come handy in getting you there. You can also set alarms on your phone or wristwatch to ensure full compliance with your plan.

Pray to God

We understand that not everyone believes in God, but if you do, seek his favor for the week. It can be easy to leave everything in your hands, and to trust it will go as planned, but life happens. Lay your plans before God and ask for his mercies to guide you through.

Mr. K wishes you a fruitful week!

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