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Invoice Financing is possible in Nigeria, Yes!

An invoice is a document that companies provide to request payment for a service or product delivered.

For example: If Company X delivers a service/product to Company Z, Company X presents to Company Z a document stating the service/product delivered and the rate. That document is an invoice.

Invoices are an important way to track payments and improve transparency in transactions.

Most high-profile companies require invoices to process payment and sometimes, processing payment can take a lot of time.

Ephraim is a Brand Consultant who renders media services to high-profile companies that utilize the invoice system to process payments.

“After delivering media content, I provide an invoice that shows the job done and its quotations. Most times, it takes about 1 – 3 months for payments to come in. In between this time, the business needs to be kept functional and expenses incurred on that project paid for. Whenever I get into a fix like this, Invoice financing always saves the day”. – Ephraim


Invoice financing is a short-term loan that a borrower acquires to keep up with business operations pending when a customer pays for service delivered.

It is called Invoice Financing because the invoice is the most important element in this type of loan. After all, it serves as a security for that loan.

Invoice financing is beneficial to both the borrower and the lender because of the level of security it provides for the lender and the quick relief it provides the borrower for his business.



In spot factoring also known as invoice factoring, the company sells its invoice to a lender, who in turn pays about 50%-80% of the invoice worth to the company. When the lender receives invoice payment, the customer receives the remaining percentage of the invoice after deduction of fees. For invoice factoring, the invoice is in the name of your financier and your customers are aware of this relationship, this saves you time to focus on your business operations.


With Invoice Discounting, the company is responsible for tracking the invoice. The lender provides 95% of the invoice worth, with the invoice as security. Once the company receives payment, they pay the lender’s money plus accrued charges.

Kiakia provides invoice financing solutions to businesses, allowing them to get an advance in customer payment to ensure the smooth running of business operations. We offer:

  • Quick access to Funding.
  • Stress-free application experience
  • Personal Loan officer, offering real-time help
  • Transparent transactions

In need of an Invoice Financier, You can contact Kiakia: 09055111140

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