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With the Pandemic seemingly over, and economies gradually returning to normalcy, one important lesson we’ve learned is that no job is ”secured”.

Companies continue to downsize and find alternatives to staying afloat amidst a high economic crisis. More than ever before, people are at risk of losing their jobs or even having their salaries slashed. And as inflation continues to rise, the value of the Naira is on a steady decline meaning that even if you still have your job and your salary is unaffected, your money’s worth is chipping away.

Building Financial Success is becoming seemingly hard and unattainable, as needs continue to rise and money value continues to decline progressively, better ways to improve income sources has never been more necessary.
Therefore, Post Corona Virus, your financial success is hinged on your ability to secure your income and generate extra. In most instances, People are more concerned about securing their jobs rather than securing their income, but with lots of job roles going into extinction, and the need to diversify sources of income, understanding how your income works and securing it over your job is a better option for wealth creation.

Nairametrics argues that the best source of income is income that does not require ongoing work to thrive, and this, we agree.


INCREASE YOUR EARNING POWER: Most people resort to the option of starting a side hustle which is a good idea but according to Nairametrics, finding better ways to earn more within the organization you work for is more helpful in advancing your financial cause because you spend 70% of your time at work. Solving problems that are important to your organization and leveraging on that to negotiate a raise or a reward can be a quick way to earn not just financially but also career-wise.

MAKE INVESTMENTS: From Warren Buffet to Bill Gates, there is a never-ending list of people who have utilized investments in scaling up their financial status. Investments are a proven way of getting your money to work for you and increase your income without having to work for it. One consistent problem most Investors face, particularly in Africa is the lack of adequate information to advise investment plans and determine risk appetite. This problem has been addressed by the P2P Lending Platform, which ensures that you know what your money is being used for and also that the security of your investment is assured.

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