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Hello reader, how do you intend to spend this Christmas?

Buy everything available at a discount?
Get all the “asoebis” and attend all the “owambes”? (If you do so, make sure you spray plenty of money ooo)
Are you travelling back home? (Everybody must know that you came back. Pepper them!!!)
Finally, if you don’t have enough to spend this Christmas, you know you can borrow, then always pay back in January.


You can read these great tips on practical ways to spend less this Christmas and be better prepared for the new year.

1) SAVE FIRST: The less money you have at hand, the lesser risk of impulse spending. Once you get cash this December, you should look at saving a portion, and if you are one who prefers investments to savings, Kiakia P2p has you covered. You can make an Investment with as low as ₦50 000 on the Kiakia P2P Lending App, and resist the urge to overspend this Christmas while also paying out in the New year. A double win if you ask us.

2) PRIORITIZE YOUR SPENDING LIST: You would agree with us that there is always something to buy, right? However, we can’t always afford to buy everything we need. During the festive seasons, there are so many new flashy and discounted products that we might appear to need. But, it is wise to remember that after December there is January (which as we hear people say, is the longest month of the year) that’s why it is important that whatever spending you make is prioritized to take in only the important things.

3) SPEND WITH A BUDGET: If you must spend, it is advisable to do it with a budget. Here’s a helpful template to help you create a simple budget for your finances:
Also important is that you ensure to carry just the right amount as you have budgeted to avoid overshooting your budget and defeating its purpose.

4) LIVE WITHIN YOUR MEANS: From time immemorial, there has always been pressure to prove a point or fit in, and these pressures tend to grow a notch during the festive period. When friends seem to be spending and having a good time, a colleague is inviting everyone out to hang out and have fun, your partner is going on about the need to travel and the neighbour bought new Christmas clothes for their kids and they are flaunting it. It becomes quite easy to feel left behind and pressured. However, you need to know that you don’t need to fit in if you can’t afford it at the moment.

5) SHOP EARLY: A common Christmas trend, is the rise in prices of goods and services. Statistics have shown that prices could rise as high as over 50% more to meet demand and supplies needs (Even the masked “discount prices” seem to mostly be a lure). So if you intend to spend less this Christmas, our word to you is to shop early before the festivities proper begin. This serves as a fantastic head start and helps you beat all the price hikes

6) EARN MORE: The more money you earn, the higher your spending power. The higher your spending power, the larger your budget could be. Work it into your system to find more ways to make money so you can spend more with your family and other loved ones during the festive seasons. For example, the Kiakia P2P lending investment app has an annual plan option. An investment now would mean payout in December 2021 and that extra money for you and the family.

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